Play School in Indirapuram

Beginnings Pre School Indirapuram is a branch of Beginnings Pre Schools, the only Pre Schools backed by the Alumnus of Indian Institute of Technology Delhi. Beginnings Pre School is constantly ranked the best Pre School in Indirapuram by various media outlets. Beginning’s main objective is to make your kid feel good about themselves through positive guidance and teachings used by our faculty, enhancing our student’s self confidence which enhances their ability to learn and increases their potential growth.

The School’s Curriculum offers Best of Early Childhood Education:-
• Montessori Method
• Gross and fine Motor Activities
• Multiple Intelligence
• Creative Brain
• Reggio Emilia
• Play Way

We at Beginnings Pre School provide a loving and nurturing environment where our students could explore and achieve their true potential. Beginning’s provides a positive atmosphere where our students interact in groups with their peers and learn to co-operate, listen and share which allows them to grow:-
• Academically
• Socially
• Intellectually
• Emotionally
• Creatively

We understand that each child is unique hence we make sure that each and every one of our student learns and grows as individuals. Beginnings Pre Schools in Indirapuram has a network of exceptional teachers to give the best Education to your child, an Education they can rely on for years to come.

• Qualities that all our Teachers possess:-
• Passion and Enthusiasm for Early Childhood Education
• Patience and Humour
• Creativity and Knowledge
• Strong Communication Skills to Understand and Impart Knowledge to your Child.

Rest assured, We at Beginnings: our exceptional faculty and our extensive syllabi will provide your child the education which you can truly rely on for years to come. We promise that your child’s overall academic, social and emotional development will always be our first priority.

It’s time to end your search for best Pre- School and join us at Beginnings.

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